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Certon Software is Soaring

and the Skys the Limit

There are some industries where margins for error simply dont exist, or as Gene Kranz said in Apollo 13, Failure is not an option.  Testing and certifying safety critical systems that operate the sophisticated avionics and controls of corporate, commercial and military aircraft is one of those arenas.  This, however, is where Certon Softwares founder and CEO Tim Stockton cut his teeth.  Though he and his partner Chris Merritt, who joined him in 2007, are only in their thirties, they are making a significant mark.

Since starting Certon in 2000, which develops tools and software so companies like Bombardier, Embraer and a growing number of others can test their aircrafts compliance with FAA and international standards, the company has grown at an incredible rate.  Theyve nearly doubled their revenues every year since 2006.  One key factor, Stockton admits, is the 80+ employees who understand and have complete buy-in to the strategic and life-insuring mission of Certon.  He describes the culture within the company as open.

Everyone has good ideas, so everyone is a contributor.  Then adding, We hire high quality people, which means they are well-rounded.  We work hard, so we are able to do the other things that make life rewarding and meaningfullike playing hard.

Its Not Rocket Science

Certon followed a simple formula at their start, which also explains their continued growth.  As Stockton explained, We looked at what other companies were doing right and what they were doing wrong.  Where they were right, we learned; where they were missing the mark, we saw our opportunity.

Avoiding the insanity of doing the same things while expecting different results, Certon looked and saw what the clients wanted but werent getting.  Our approach and our flexibility allowed us to tailor our products and services to meet that need.

In a competitive business environment one focus was Firm Fixed Pricing, in other words delivering a result (many times FAA certification) in a specific time and at an agreed upon price.  When it is aircraft you are turning out at your factory, certainty about cost, time and quality are essential.

What is more, though other industries are floundering, aerospace is ready to literally, take off.  An aging airline fleet is going to have to be replaced.  New materials and fuel efficient new engines are being produced, which makes this move timely and economical.  Fortunately, Certon Software is well positioned to soar with this market.

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What Brevard County road needs a complete landscape makeover to better represent our county?
520 from 95 to A1A?
US 1 from Palm Bay to Rockledge?
US1 from Rockledge to Grant?
A1A from Indianatlantic to Cocoa Beach?
528 right before you enter Port Canaveral ( turns into A1A)
Courtney from 528 North to KSC
What road needs beautification? Add Choice-From 1-95 on 192 to Babcock

6 people voted

  • 520 from 95 to A1A?


  • US 1 from Palm Bay to Rockledge?


  • US1 from Rockledge to Grant?


  • A1A from Indianatlantic to Cocoa Beach?


  • 528 right before you enter Port Canaveral ( turns into A1A)


  • Courtney from 528 North to KSC


  • What road needs beautification? Add Choice-From 1-95 on 192 to Babcock


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